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Faculty Fellowships
December 13, 2018

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Recipient Institutions (1998-present)

University of California
Los Angeles

California State University
Long Beach
Los Angeles

Private Colleges and University
California Institute of Technology
Cal Lutheran
Claremont Graduate University
Claremont McKenna College
Harvey Mudd College
Loyola Marymount University
Occidental College
Pitzer College
Pomona College
Scripps College
University of Redlands
University of Southern California
Whittier College

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Faculty Fellowship (Page 6 of 21)
Grantee Org Year Project Description Primary Contact Amount
University of Southern California 2010 Interlocking Boards of Trustees Among Anti-Poverty Nonprofits Nicole Esparza $12000
University of Southern California 2010 Black Immigrant Economic Competition in Southern California: Is It Real?Is It Sizable? Is It Surmountable? Manuel Pastor $12000
University of Southern California 2010 The Disproportionate Burden of Diabetes in East Los Angeles: Using Social Science to Identify Neighborhood Variations Andrew Curtis $12000
University of Southern California 2010 The Dawn of the Jet Age and Re-thinking LAX Vanessa Schwartz $12000
Loyola Marymount University 2010 Veteran's Court in Southern California: A New Approach to Problems of Veterans in the Criminal Justice System Stacy Lee Burns $12000
University of Southern California 2010 Documenting the Geography of an Orthodox Jewish Religious Enclave in Los Angeles Martin Krieger $12000
California Institute of Technology 2009 The Future of Convenience Voting in California R. Michael Alvarez $12000
University of Southern California 2009 Democracy by Design: The Institutionalization of Neighborhood Participation Networks in Los Angeles Christopher Weare $12000
California Lutheran University 2009 Redistricting by Citizen Task Force: An Analysis of the Impact on Ventura County Gregory Freeland $12000
California State University, Fullerton 2009 Legal Definitions of Immaturity Related to Competency to Stand Trial for Juvenile Offenders Nancy Ryba $12000