FY 2017-2018. The new Annual Program Poster is available here.

Upcoming Proposal due dates:

Major Research Grants:
March 15, 2017
May 10, 2017
August 30, 2017
October 18, 2017

Archival Grants:
January 25, 2017

Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships:
February 15, 2017

Faculty Fellowships:
December 12, 2017

All grant and fellowship proposals should include a single PDF file of the complete proposal and a copy of the on-line
Proposal Information Form (here.)



Thank you for your interest in The Haynes Foundation, and for the work you do to improve the lives of Los Angeles Region residents. All fields in Part One and Part Two must be completed in order to submit this PIF.

What To Do First
Before you submit, review the Foundation’s website at www.haynesfoundation.org and you will find several Foundation references:
• our Annual Poster
• our list of Funding Priorities
• detailed descriptions of our grants and fellowships programs
• a searchable grants database, and
FAQs to determine whether your request is a good fit for the Foundation.

Important Reminder
Your research must be directed to a specific and pressing public policy issue within the five county Los Angeles Region.

Helpful Tips To Complete this Form
• Please use only letters and numbers and limit your use of other characters.
• Insert the name of university/organization only (40 characters) (e.g. University of California, Los Angeles)
• To avoid loss of information, assemble answers in a separate document and copy and paste as needed.

Proposal Information PART ONE
*Type of Haynes Foundation Award being Sought
*Full Name of Qualified Non-profit Organization
*Title of Proposal (120 Characters Max, LETTERS ONLY)
*Short summary of the public policy issue being researched (500 Characters Max, LETTERS ONLY)
*Can you confirm that the public official with the primary responsibility for this issue is aware of and/or likely to use this research?
*Summary (max. 750 words)
*Amount Requested $
Proposal Period of Performance (mm/dd/yyyy)
*Start Date
*Completion Date
Principal Investigator Information:
*First Name
*Last Name
*Present Position
*Mailing Address
Mailing Address 2
*Mailing City
*Mailing State
*Mailing Zip Code
*Contact Telephone - -
*Contact Email
Organization Information (University or other 501 (c)(3) institution )
*First Name
*Last Name
*Present Position
*Mailing Address
Mailing Address 2
* City
* State
*Zip Code
*Contact Telephone - -
*Contact Email
Name and Address of Organization as it should appear on an Award Check (if different from above):
Name of the Organization
Address of the Organization
Address 2 of the Organization
City, State, and Zip
Validation Code:


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